New authentication method

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A new authentication method has been implemented to access the SMOS data generated at BEC. Until now, all data users had the same username and password. From now on, every user will have her/his own username and password. This new implementation requires a personal re-registration of the current users. This procedure is necessary in order to properly manage the amount of users and future services.

The current access will be active until April 1st, but we strongly encourage all users to access the new registration form (also included at the end of this page) as soon as possible and choose their own username and password. Only yellow fields are mandatory and, after checking the copyright note agreement, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail contains a link that the user must visit in order to definitely confirm the registration.

Note that if you are using getBEC to maintain a mirror of some of our data, you need to replace in the source code the generic username and password by the new personalized ones.

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