SMOS Sea Surface Salinity
Operational V2.0


Year 2010 – 2017

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Products description: BEC-SMOS-0002-PD-Ocean.pdf

Available products


Spatial resolution: 0.25 degree


L2 gridded maps

1-day maps

Optimal interpolation products

Level 2 data is optimal interpolated (Objective Analysis) to produce L3 maps with greater accuracy and interpolated into data gaps. To reduce the computational cost, the actual data fedding the OI algorithm are the 0.25º x 0.25º grid binned L3 data. The OI is performed using monthly WOA 2009 dataset.

L3 maps are validated with near-surface measurements provided by Argo profilers, which allow us to define several quality metrics. We have found that the implementation of these techniques significantly improve data accuracy with respect to L3 binned maps.

9-days average

Weighted averaged

Monthly product

Fused products using singularity analysis techniques

There is some evidence that different ocean scalars possess the same singularity exponent – what should be expected if singularity exponents are the result of flow advection. This correspondence of singularity exponents is exploited by BEC to diminish the effect of noise and artifacts on Sea Surface Salinity SMOS level 3 maps. The algorithm uses the information conveyed by the singularity exponents derived from daily OSTIA SST to produce fused salinity maps.

9-days average