The experimental Colored Detrital Matter (CDM) derived from the regional SMOS Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) L4 product for the Black Sea, specific for the Danube mouth, has been created under the funded ESA project ITT Earth Observation data for Science and Innovation in the Black Sea (EO4SIBS) (contract 4000127237/19/I-EF).

The experimental SMOS-derived L4 CDM product comprises the winter and spring seasons for the period 2011-2019 and has daily temporal resolution and is given in a 0.05 x 0.0505 degrees grid.

Comparison of reconstructed CDM from SMOS SSS for the Black Region (left) and observed CDM from optical sensors (right) for the period January – February 2019. The observed CDM fields have been previously filtered and remapped to the L4 SMOS SSS grid.

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Data Description and Quality report: BEC_PD_CDM_Black_L4.pdf