Climate Relevant interactions and feedbacks: the key role of sea ice and Snow in the polar and global climate system

The Arctic and Antarctic regions are experiencing rapid and unprecedented changes due to polar and global climate change, clearly caused by anthropogenic activities. 21st century projections show substantial decrease of sea ice in both Arctic and Antarctic, which are expected to impact people in the Arctic and also society beyond polar regions.

The CRiceS project brings together 21 international research teams, from Europe, Canada, South Africa, India and Russia, including one from the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM) of Barcelona. Through this initiative, the specialists seek to enhance the modelling of the impacts that these regions have for the global climate.

The new project involves a broad team of researchers to tackle the role of polar processes within the climate system, including processes related to the physics, chemistry and biology of climate, as well as the feedback loops in polar and global climate.

CRiceS will enhance climate models and improve how they represent polar ocean-atmosphere interactions with the goal of delivering improved predictions of polar and global climate change.


Finnish Meteorological Institute CNRS CICERO Stockholm university

Norwegian Polar Institute CMCC SYKE University of Cape Town

University of Helsinki University of Bergen University of Bremen

Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC) UCL AWI

British Antarctic Survey EPFL University of Groningen

University of Victoria University of Calgary ICM&MG NCPOR


Carolina Gabarró: cgabarro[at]

Cristina González Haro: cgharo[at]

Estrella Olmedo: olmedo[at]