Experimental SMOS Mediterranean SSS products now available at CP34-BEC

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The SMOS Mediterranean SSS products announced in a previous post have now been made available at our webpage. A preliminary quality report can be accessed here.

Two different products are being released: Objectively Analysed 9-day 0.25⁰x0.25⁰ L3 SSS product and Fused 1-day 0.25⁰x0.25⁰ L4 SSS product. Both products are generated on a daily basis, and served in NetCDF files with CF convention. Three years (2011, 2012 and 2013) have been made available so far.

Those products are experimental and intended for scientific purposes, although any user can freely use them; notice that the products come with neither explicit or implicit guarantee.

We are very interested in having your feedback in our products; please send your e-mails to smos-bec@icm.csic.es.

Retrieving remote sensing SSS in the Mediterranean has been Jordi Font’s long-term endeavor. Thanks to his tireless effort and his enthusiastic attitude we are finally there. Gràcies Jordi!

The BEC team.