L3 Surface Soil Moisture

The Level 3 (L3) soil moisture products v3 are generated from applying a quality filtering and binning to the swath-based Level 2 (L2) soil moisture User Data Product (UDP) v650 from the European Space Agency (ESA). Ascending and descending orbits are processed separately.


Global surface soil moisture in ISEA 4H9 grid (15 km)

This daily product corresponds to the temporal average of the L2 soil moisture measurements of all orbits within a day in the Icosahedral Snyder Equal Area (ISEA) grid, which is used by official ESA SMOS products.

Global surface soil moisture EASE-2  grid (25 km)

These products correspond to the spatial average of the L2 soil moisture measurements in the Equal Area Scalable Earth (EASE)-2 grid of 25 km. They have different temporal averaging periods (and generation rates).

  • 1-day map (daily)
  • 3-days map (daily)
  • 9-days maps (every 3 days)
  • 1-monthly map (monthly)
  • 1-year product (yearly)

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