New reprocessed ocean products

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New reprocessed Sea Surface Salinity products at 0.25 degrees grid spacing are available online. A complete set of products (weighted averaged, optimally interpolated and fused maps) corresponding to the year 2013 has been generated. With the reprocessing of these data, BEC provides the SMOS users with a uniform set of SSS maps for most of the current operating life of SMOS (period 2010-2013).

Fig 1: Zones under study in figures 2-4
Fig 2: Standard deviation of SMOS minus ARGO SSS differences in 9-day binned maps for different ocean regions

These new products can be downloaded through our thredds service or browsed on-line using our Web Map Server. Remember that you must be registered in order to freely download them.

Related documentation and quality reports  can be found in the products documentation section.