New Sea Surface Salinity products in High Latitude Ocean Areas

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New experimental SMOS Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) maps at high latitudes, including Arctic Ocean open water regions, have been computed at BEC using a new methodological approach that substantially reduces land-sea and RFI contamination effects, as well as other intrumental biases.

SMOS Sea Surface Salinity map on 1st September 2011

The new product consists of 9-day, objectively analysed, EASE NL 25-km resolution gridded SSS maps. These maps are produced daily from 2011 to 2013.
The product is freely available at CP34-BEC web system,, and browse its corresponding maps here.

The preliminary assessment of the product shows a RMS difference with respect to ARGO SSS of 0.34 psu (the quality report can be downloaded from here).

We hope that you will find this new product interesting and welcome your feedback.

Keep tuned!


Temporal evolution of SMOS Sea Surface Salinity at the Mackenzie river discharge region (in Beaufort Sea) during Summer 2012.